Friday, March 19, 2010

Convention Season 2010

I write this as I am finalizing my plans and stuff to head to my second horror convention in as many weeks. I realize that I'm sitting here in an almost faded Dawn of the Dead tshirt I got back in 1999 that has seen more miles then most people's cars. This is my 12th year of going to conventions since stumbling upon them back in 1999.

Of course it started out just like anything else, something new and exciting and I had to be at everyone. Well I couldn't be at everyone but I tried to make it to everyone on the East Coast. At first it was to meet celebrities and the icons I grew up watching in all those late night horror film marathons and VHS tapes sitting on my shelf. Getting star struck at some of the greats, Kane Hodder, Tom Savini, Ken Foree and of course the man himself George A. Romero. Some of my first encounters were very brief because I could barely find the words to express my utter fascination with their work and the fact that they were so approachable.

The people working in the horror genre know who they are and how the characters they have portrayed are held in such esteem by the fans but they don't let that get to them, at least when in front of the fans. Being able to walk up to some of the greats in the genre is an awe inspiring feeling and having them converse with you makes going to these conventions worth it.

After a year years I pretty much had met everyone I wanted to. Now I go to conventions to see the people that I have befriended from these events, celebrity and non-celebrity alike. I have made some of the best friends in the world over the last 12 years because of conventions. Two of them from Canada, Rob & Glena are 2 of the most fantastic people in the world and any chance to see them is jumped on. They're just like me, they've been to so many and have met just about everyone that conventions are a time for reconnecting and having fun.

If it weren't for them and alot of the other people I've gotten to known and befriend, Chris Roe, Ken Foree, Greg Nicotero to name a few I wouldn't have the memories to share with my son who I hope will appreciate these events as I have when he starts to get older. I also have to thank my wife who started out not understanding what these were or what the purpose was but has since grown to love them as most of the people signing autographs do so now for her and not me...makes ya wonder?!?!?!?

I love these things. Little sleep, forgetting to drink, too much alcohol and too much money spent are great ways to end a stressful work week and get recharged until the next convention that comes down the pike.

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