Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Photography Journey

Wow, so i just realized I did not blog the entire year of 2012. Kind of shows how and where my focus has been. I started 2012 trying to write short stories. I got 1 1/2 done. The completed story I like, but needs re-written. The half done story is just that, half done. Will I finish it? I would like to, but we will see. It just takes time and the will power to finish it. Its late but I felt I should get something down to get this ball rolling. If I go to bed without writing I will feel incomplete. I need to focus my photography and figure out what my focus for me will be. Will it be portraits? Landscapes? Candid? Cemeteries? Whatever the case is I want to find it out. The way I plan on accomplishing it is by taking my camera with me everyday and shooting. Shooting, something, anything, as long as I find something in my viewfinder I will feel accomplished. I started tonight with a quick and impromptu photo shoot of my leftover birthday cake. I took my new tripod and remote trigger and fired away. Nothing great. I like what I got and see what I missed. I hope tomorrow to blog about it and go from there. Here is the "B" side.
I'll take my 2 best and pick an "A" and "B" side and go from there. Maybe if I write down what I'm seeing and not seeing it'll help me. I plan to do this with each photo and see if I see themes, patterns or anything else that points to me as being my voice in photography. I turned 32 yesterday, lets start this journey now. M

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