Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost in Lost Seasons 1-3

These blogs will contain spoilers if you haven't watched the show! Read at your own risk

Its funny, as the finale of Lost comes closer, i'm coming to grips that I am utterly and hopelessly addicted to the show. I mean its just a show right? Well of course it is but there is something about this show that really has me hooked and I don't believe that there is just one thing to pinpoint as to why.

I missed most of the first season and caught up with it on dvd as the second season was airing. By the end of the first disc of the first season I was hooked and quickly caught up to understand where the next season was starting. From then on it was downhill. It started off simple, an intriguing show about people stranded on a tropical island. Mysterious noises and voices surrounded them in the jungle and planes crashed in trees only added to the mystery. Then John Locke discovers a hatch. This hatch had to have been placed there by humans, so that meant other people had been or where on the island. Well now we got something, they weren't alone, that question was answered when a light from inside the hatch turned on when Locke was beating on it looking for answers.

The second season had me hooked like no other show ever had at this point. The Hatch, Desmond, and the Dharma Initiative as well as the appearance of a Henry Gale aka Ben Linus who would turn out to be me, in opinion, the single greatest character/villain in TV history were all introduced to us. We found out that the Hatch aka the Swan was part of a huge science experiment that was saving the world by pushing a button every 108 minutes by entering the numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42 which just happen to equal 108. I can't tell you how many countless Powerball tickets I played with those exact numbers. Poor Desmond got suckered into pushing this button to save the world and all he wanted to do was get back to his beloved Penny. Desmond was instantly my favorite character on the show, followed by Locke and Ben.

By the third season a lot of questions were being asked but not answered and it showed. The first 6 episodes of the 3rd season where more random and didn't really advance the story and showed us that Kate decided to hook up with Sawyer thus, we thought, ending 2 seasons of sexual tension on the show, at least someone was getting some on the island! The big question at the time was, were the survivors of Oceanic 815 alive, dead, in purgatory, a snow globe or on some reality show. The producers were mum but promised that it wasn't going to be a cop out and we would be shown soon enough. Boom a few episodes before the end of season 3 we get someone parachuting onto the island, WTF?!?!?!? Somebody knew where the island was and how to get there and more importantly, knew of the survivors. Naomi parachutes on the island much to the dismay of Benjamin Linus. What did he know that they didn't. Damn, this was getting good. Here we have Naomi stating that she's here to rescue the crash surivors and Ben saying that if they get on her boat, they will all die.

The first three seasons of this show asked more questions then it answered (remember the 4 toed statue in the finale of Season 2 and how long that took to answer). But that was the intrigue that kept me going, the need to know more and find out, was it fate or destiny or neither of the above. I was hooked by the end of the third season no doubt. It even took Pam until then to be really into this show. She would watch an episode and at the end would go "man this show is weird!" She kept trying to wrap her head around it and I on the other hand was digging deeper, thinking back to season 1 episodes looking for connections.

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