Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My favorite LOST WTF Moments Season 1-5

I realized I'm behind on my LOST blogging and I figured to catch up I'll post my favorite WTF moments from season 1 to 5

Season 1:
1) Rousseau's 16 year long help message broadcasting from the Island followed by Charlie's "guys, where are we?" *Certifiably probably one of the creepiest moments of the show.*
2) Discovery of Adam & Eve in the caves.
3) The Black Rock
4) Rousseau living on the island for 16 years...alone
5) Discovery of the Hatch
6) Locke was in a wheelchair before the Island

Season 2:
1) Desmond living in the Hatch for 3 years
2) The numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42
3) The Dharma Initiative
4) Henry Gale aka Ben Linus is the leader of the Others
5) The four toed statue!
6) The Swan hatch explodes
7) Penny Widmore is looking for, and finds the Island

Season 3:
1) Juliet isn't from the Island
2) Anthony Cooper is the real Sawyer and The Man From Tallahassee
3) Desmond's mind has traveled back in time
4) Ben really isn't from the Island and was part of the Purge that killed them all.
5) Richard Alpert doesn't age!
6) Naomi parachutes on the island, proving that people know where they are!
7) The freighter is "Not Penny's Boat"
8) Charlie dies
9) Flashforwards reveal they get off the Island!
10) Someone named Jacob has a list.

Season 4:
1) Only 6 are rescued from the Island aka the Oceanic 6
2) Daniel Farraday tries to explain physics
3) Desmond travels through time again and is Farraday's Constant
4) Keemy kills Ben's daugther Alex
5) Miles talks to dead people
6) Richard Alpert was there when Locke was born!
7) The freighter explodes killing Michael & Jin
8) Ben moves the Island

Season 5:
1) The Island is moving through time
2) There is a hydrogen bomb buried on the Island
3) Locke wants everyone to come back to the Island!
4) Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Sawyer & Juliet are all part of the Dharma Initiative
5) Eloise Hawking was an other as well as Daniel Farraday's mum
6) Sayid shoots young Ben
7) Hurley wrote the original script for the Empire Strikes Back
8) Locke wants to kill Jacob...actually wants Ben to kill him
9) Jack wants to detonate the Jughead
10) We see the rest of the 4 toed statue, Twaret
11) We meet Jacob and the Man in Black
12) We finally see The Incident
13) Juliet detonates the hydrogen bomb!

There ya have it, my favorite WTF moments of the first 5 seasons of LOST i'm sure there are more but these are the ones that stick out the most to me!

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